Partnering with CGBMT is a way for NGO’s, educational institutions and businesses who share our vision to make a tangible contribution to a better world. In addition to developing projects, being financial donors,etc., partners can work with us to reach audiences, shift attitudes and influence change towards a more sustainable world.

When you become one of our resource or corporate partners, you are actively contributing to creating change at the grassroot level. There are many avenues to explore when it comes to partnerships, such as:



We’ve been able to continuously work towards our goals because we collectively exercise maturity of judgment, open communication, are respectful always, and practice thoughtfulness and sensitivity when it comes to our work and each other. Our work culture allows us to design, develop and execute projects and programs that continue to centre sustainability at a community level.

We are a team that is made up of people who love innovation, are keen to develop organisational and individual skillsets, and are initiative takers.

Joining us is a commitment to upholding our organisational values and work culture.

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